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BMW is an engineering company, hence the 'M' for Motoren in the middle of their name. BMW was late with for example their first turbodiesel(1984/85 E28 524td)vs Audi/FIat and Mercedes, but boy, those were high tech at that moment andthe new ones still are the best diesels in the world.

The first German V12 after decades came from BMW in the 1986/87 750i.
The beste German V12 is alo a BMW, it's in the McLaren F1. And not by chance.

In 2006 I bought a 335i 6MT N54. One of the best cars I ever had. Smooth and fast. No problems whatsoever and it was from the first modelyear. Can you imagine? I can.

In 2000 I bougth an Audi S3(1.8Turbo) and the engine more or less exploded after 20,000 miles....And the Dutch distributor was very helpful too. NOT.
That's why I drive BMW from 2001 on....

Tell me someting about engines. In the bread and butter category and way above, BMW is nr 1.

If we are talking QUANTITY(experience?) instead of QUALITY for example the Toyota Corrolla(name) is the mostly sold car ever(decades). And therefor it's the best? Don't think so.


EDIT: I fell in love with the 80's Quattro rallycars/Group B when I was at Highschool but then came Peugeot/Lancia/Ford/Leyland with their idea of a AWD rallycar.... and Audi kept their excellent sounding inline 5 turbo engine. It was situated upfront/upfront almost above the frontbumper. That's what I call engineering....LOL

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