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So Edmunds takes an E92 M3 body and pairs it with an F30 front and calls it the 2014 M3? It just goes to show their lazy effort into reporting anything 'newsworthy.' I also don't believe it's resistance from M division, as they said they'll put an 'M' in front whatever the M version of the series production they are producing for consistency, but more so resistance from the BMW board to call the coupe an 'M4' due to the history associated with the 'M3' label. Hopefully their lack of effort is also reflective of their hypothesis regarding a 3.0 liter V6. This further strays from the rumored logic of it being a 3.3l V6 derived from the S63. It does not make any financial sense for M or BMW as a whole to make a bespoke engine for the M3. The M3 is special, but even in BMW's eyes, it does not warrant the excessive resources for R&D.

I can handle the coupe being renamed 'M4,' but I might just have to look at other options in the future (M5/M6, Porsche (991) 911 GT3) should M division make the sacrilegious decision to put a V6 in the M3/M4. It's either I6 or die 6.
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