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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
I heard an rumor that it could be possible that there are only two future F8x models are coming:
- F80 M3 sedan
- F82 M4 coupe

If that would be the truth, that meen:
- there would be no M4 Convertible and an M440i Convertible only
- there would be an M4 Convertible, but based on the regular F3x and not on the Lightweight-F8x

... I think the first alternative would make no/little sense but the second could be possible ... because of the roof an convertible couldn´t be really lightweight!

Could this rumor be possible?

Greets Uli_HH

I don't think so. If there is an M6 Convertible, and there has always been a heavier M3 Convertible, why would there be no M4 Convertible? So if true, then second alternative is possible, M4 will be F33 and not F83. But what about M4 GranCoupé? F885 or F35? I'd say F85 also.