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Originally Posted by Prissy View Post
I doubt bmw will make 4 different fronts for the 3er (sedan, coupe, gt).
First, if rumors hold, then only two of those will be called 3 series. Secondly, the current 3 coupe already has a different front from the 3 coupe today. And finally, the 3 GT is no less likely to get its own look than the 5 GT.

The new M3 front looks more aggressive than the sedan
Well of course. Just like the M5 compared to the 5. Did you also believe the M5 mules wore an M6 front end?

The reason why I believe the coupe will carry the M3 aggressive front is because it already happened for the E90/92 generation.
There is a reason the M3 sedan is coming a year earlier than it ever has before. Hint: it's its own model now with its own identity. It no longer shares a development cycle with the M3 (M4) coupe.
A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.