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I see so many posts on both the M5 and the future M3 of people concerned with how it sounds... Remember the people that will hear the sound are the people behind you, not so much yourself (except when firing up the engine).

Having said that I will be going from a C63 to the new M3 (most likely) and there is going to be a huge sound difference when firing up the car and taking off but I doubt it will stop me from making the switch, especially if performance is similar and MPG is a 50% improvement (I am getting 15 mpg) and a turbo 6 whatever should get in the low 20s combined cycle.

I think the only thing that could stop me from buying the next M3 is a big price increase (like over $75K loaded) or if the new Mercedes CLA AMG has amazing numbers, still years away from that, but rumor is AWD and if they use a turbo V8 in it, that thing would haul ass and be the best looking small 4 door car out there.