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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
Not slamming above poster but is everyone on here only concerned about the car exterior sound? Really??

So if it sounds different than the the S65 will you refuse to buy it.

The comments about how a car sound are getting ridiculous.

I mean really, this car could be the best M3 ever, better than the E90, better thant the E46 What if, but then it doesnt sound "good". Are you gonna go get an RS4?

When I am spending this much money on a car, I expect not only good performance numbers but also a good driving experience. Sound does matter, otherwise why would BMW spend so much time and money on developing that engine sound synthesizer for their M5.

Just like great steering feel, handling, and brakes----great sounds coming from the engine and exhaust can make the driver feel more involved and put a smile on your face.
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