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Originally Posted by Levi
Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
  • I have another hunch and that is that a team of the ///M Division is also working on a V8 to be offered as a option for the Fellows that like to take there toy to the track.
The M4 is surely going to participate in GT4 and GT2. I don't know what the regulations are, but BMW Motorsport can make engines seperately for racing purpose and a limited edtion for homologation puprose. Some special engine like the P54, based on the S54 and used on the 320i WTCC or the P60 used in the M3 GT-R. We could see the same thing happening again.
You sound sure BMW will be competing in GT racing.... I wouldn't bet on it. Unless there are significant rule changes they won't be. I recently explored this topic elsewhere. They have automatic bids for the intercontinental cup this year and they are not entering any races. With the M card going forced induction it changes homologation and many other variables. It is extremely cost prohibitive.

This is BMWNAs last year running in the ALMS with the current cars and there is no future development program.

BMW will run in VLN (anything goes) and DTM. BMW is building customer cars for GT3/GT4/WTCC and that is basically it and DTM.

DTM is going to be stateside and there are rumors of endurance races as well. DTM is much more cost efficient and gets similar coverage.