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Originally Posted by iwannabimmer View Post
Stop teasing and tell us, is it going to be a V6 or I6 under the hood?

My guess is that it is going to be a V6.
I hope so too! Because I do not want to have tuned series engine in my M3! ... And it also speaks a lot for that!

Unfortunately, even some on the other hand ...
As I have repeatedly said, I would not bet a cent! Neither of I6, V6 still on!
If you ask five people on the subject, you get 10 different answers!

One half swears by the I6 and appeals to the tradition and considers it impossible to install anything other than an I6 ...
The other half swears that it's a V6 (Apollo concept) will be ...

As Scott said already so well:
Soon we will know more. Because it really seems to be that the F80 is entered into production in September. This could be built enough cars for a presentation to the beginning.
... and as soon as the M3 was entered into volume production, we will know what he has under the hood ...