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Thought I would chime in with some realistic price comparisons (nicely equipped models):
2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 $56k
2012 Chevy Corvette base $66k
2012 MB C63 AMG $>80k
2012 Ford Mustang GT500 $67k
2012 Ford Mustang Boss LS $51
2011 BMW M3 (loaded) $75

Might appear that M3 is so much more expensive but I think when you go look at the TYPE of car, paint schemes, what it's designers were going for, how it drives, what it is SUPPOSED to do, the M3 is a fantastic car. AND, it is >6 year old car design with minimal refreshments! The other models here are all almost brand new. The vette is the oldest without refresh I believe. I think when the new M3 rolls out, we will see a lighter, more fuel efficient, high performance, daily driver, that excels at everything, and has a European quality to it that the other cars (except MB) do not have. The American cars were built with a different mindset than the M3, RS5, or C63 AMG. They are great cars, just different. And I don't think they are a steal compared to the car they are chasing after...

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