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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
OK ... I think that the new F80M3 would be an great improvement over all previous M3s and we would get an really great sportscar !

BUT Dr.Nischke isn´t right when he stated that the engine desision shouldn´t count or none should put this desision in the focus of attention.

Its right in the hp point of view, if the F80M3 would ~200kg lighter as the ongoing M3, none should be afraid of the coming hp-numbers ... 450 to 460hp would be great ... on the other hand also 420 to 430hp should be enough - but that doesn´t meen, that they could simply choose thís AG-engine, which is the cheapest to fulfil their hp-predictions. The M in BMW and more the M in M-GmbH stands for Motor/engine and therefor all previous M3 has one common property - the unique and M-specific engine that only remotely are based on an AG-engine ... in N/A times AG-engines must be strongly modified to become an powerfull M-engine and the peak of development was the great and totally unique S65 V8 ... sadly in turbo times its much more simple to get more hp out of an standard engine - make it stronger so that it would withstand the higher pressure and put an better (greater!) turbosystem on it to achieve the needed hp-numbers - but an pimped N55 with an stronger crankcase and an TriTurbosystem would never be an M worthy engine ... the same is the case if the new M engine would be based in the same manner on an N55 successor (N56?) !!!

Thats meen, that - because the great S65 is sadly ruled out, because its an really expensive engine ... and the engine must be based on an existing engine layout from the cost reduction point of view - the only M worthy engine would be the developed V6, because only this engine fulfil the previously sacred requirement of an unique, innovative and M specific engine !

An M3 with an cheap AG-based engine could be an great performer but thats meet not that it would be automatically an great M3 ... an lightweight M3 with an unique engine wuod be an great performer an an real great M-car ... also all rumors say the F80M3 with the AG I6 would be great, but the F80M3 with the V6 would be greater/faster/better in all respects !!!

Greats Uli_HH
I have no idea what you just wrote or what you were commenting on but the point he was making is that the technology they are using is a bigger improvement than the actual engine layout.

As for your continuing statement that M engines must be bespoke- there have been more tuned M engines in the past than bespoke one's so does that M's entire history is nothing until the S65/S85?

Dr. N was correct in saying that it doesn't matter if it is a V or I if the product meets all the core M values, pushes the envelope and intros new tech to the world.