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Originally Posted by E46M View Post
The C63 was not designed to be a track car it is not AMG's philosophy. Of course its up to the driver to push the car, but with equal talent behind the wheel the M3 easily wins on any track, its chassis is miles ahead of the C63. When I have drove the C63 up in the tight mountain roads of Nor Cal it felt like there was a boat anchor over the front axle, and it had very dull reactions especially in the switch backs and in the slow corners you had to be very very careful of the throttle. I was not impressed and could not wait to get back in my E46 M3.
That my friend is also false. I used to work for MB as an AMG Specialist and I can tell you right now, for the past decade, their philosophy (besides "One Man-One Engine") was for their suspension and handling to be on par with their striaght line performance and they are damn near close with the C63 Coupe and the SLS. I know everyone is different, but your statement of our M3 chassis over the C63's is a little puzzling to me.

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