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Originally Posted by Ghetto2315 View Post
That my friend is also false. I used to work for MB as an AMG Specialist and I can tell you right now, for the past decade, their philosophy (besides "One Man-One Engine") was for their suspension and handling to be on par with their striaght line performance and they are damn near close with the C63 Coupe and the SLS. I know everyone is different, but your statement of our M3 chassis over the C63's is a little puzzling to me.

To each their own
AMG's when you probably worked there were most likely these kind,
You could beat a Porsche to the next stoplight. You couldn't beat the guy in the purple Cavalier with the J. C. Whitney wing through a series of corners.

You can not drive a C63 and a M3 back to back and tell me the chassis of the C63 on par with an M3, if you do then you have a lead butt!

I remember reading an interview with Volker Mornhinweg when he took AMG over talking about how they had to get back to there roots and become more focused,not just straight line bandits so clearly there trying but they are not there yet, also the SLS lap times do not compare favorably with the cars in its range.