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Originally Posted by E46M View Post
AMG's when you probably worked there were most likely these kind,
You could beat a Porsche to the next stoplight. You couldn't beat the guy in the purple Cavalier with the J. C. Whitney wing through a series of corners.

You can not drive a C63 and a M3 back to back and tell me the chassis of the C63 on par with an M3, if you do then you have a lead butt!

I remember reading an interview with Volker Mornhinweg when he took AMG over talking about how they had to get back to there roots and become more focused,not just straight line bandits so clearly there trying but they are not there yet, also the SLS lap times do not compare favorably with the cars in its range.
I should of clarified. I was with MB from 2005 till about 3 months ago. When I started with MB, the C55 and the E55 were the epitome of striaght line performance with little to offer in the corners. The C63 and CLK63 Black Series were literally the first AMGs that put handling back in focus.

What I remember most when I was with MB was when I was down at our service center with an MB Corporate Instructor and he was driving an SLR McLaren, while his co-instructor was in the CLK63 BS and they were taking turns with our shop foreman on trying to fine tune something (forgot what it was). On any rate, they both said that in terms of handling, the SLR felt like a yacht compared to the CLK63 BS and that AMG GmbH is starting to realize now that upcoming models need to have the same recipe.

Originally Posted by E46M View Post
also the SLS lap times do not compare favorably with the cars in its range.
The SLS is a beast around the track. Got a chance to go to Laguna Seca and drive them around the track, but what blew me away were the professional race car driver's that took it to the next level. It's still a bit heavier than the rest of the crowded field of competitors, which is why the lap times aren't "favorable". What AMG needs most is to go on a diet...

EDIT: Next Black Series treatment is the SLS.

EDIT EDIT: What BMW needs is a halo car to compete with the SLS

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