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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
The C63 in a straight line against a manual M3, the AMG will win, yes.

When the M3 is equipped with M-DCT, they're separated by .2-seconds, which can be a lot. The M3 will do 60 in 3.9-seconds, as opposed to the AMG's potential to hit 3.7-seconds.

Around the track, well I'll let C&D's 2008 Lightning Lap shed some more light on that one for you: [WARNING: PDF] The M3 is almost a full second faster around the track.

As for the Nürburgring lap times: Horst von Saurma has tested both cars.

8:05 BMW M3 E92 / Horst von Saurma / Sport Auto (12/2007)
8:13 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG / Horst von Saurma / Sport Auto (2/2009)

In case you don't know, Sport Auto test showroom stock vehicles. Cars with street tires, straight off what you can buy at a dealer lot with ZERO modifications. So no special tires, no roll cages, etc. are used.

I stand by my original comment. An M3 will walk all over a C63 AMG on the race track. Don't ever say I'm spreading "false information" ever again. My profession calls for me to make sure any information I spread is correct.

Rrgarding your numbers,On a 4.2 mike course the M3 is less than a second faster and Top Gear has the C63 on one of the tracks they use faster than the M3 ( on different days of course, same as your nurburgring times).

Nobody is arguing the fact that the M3 has an edge when it comes to handling but it doesnt walk all over the C63.

When you say a car A walks all over car B, it means it beats it by a wide margin.