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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
I admit I have become a little perplexed on some of the comments here , which are by supposed "enthusiasts."

Take the "non-aggressive" appearance.
Given the car in question is showcased by a rendering impression with some relative elements, it is in theory showcasing typical M looks. The current M3 is not a car I would call aggressive , rather a car which is understated and that is one priority example that contributes to its success.

BMW M is not really one to make their cars aggressive they are more understated. The Aerodynamics of the M-Packet are purely sculpted for function over cosmetic purpose. A BMWM. cannot return to the brutality of the 1980's the market has moved on and so has the customer.

The understated function over form appearance gives a more mature , restrained and tasteful look unlike competitors from Mercedes-Benz AMG which look way overdone cosmetically.

Power? Why only _ _ _ BHP?
Again this is what makes M great. Audi can flash higher HP and straight-line speed as much as they want but at the end of the day is the RS5 the better car? That answer is no. Because M do a complete overhaul of the chassis , steering and dynamics that reflects its position as a drivers car , having an equally good chassis from the standard model is very helpful because they know where to begin. M cars must not always be about speed it must fully involve the driver and this is a worthy sacrifice over having the top performance credentials. M knows this and has been implementing this since its conception.
Couldn't have said it better. I guess there were those that hated when fuel injection killed the carb, those that moaned when the cassette was replaced by the CD- those that hated the idea of BMW moving to an inline six... at the end of the day technology and products move on and if you don't move on as well you are left in the past.

M has a history of making the best daily drivable all around product. The F80 will be just that and however the engineers and managers at M see fit to move the bar higher it will be the best on the market and the best M(3) ever on every level.

Audi will never be able to match M- they have flawed DNA and until they change that the results will always be subpar. AMG can if they would put the effort in and not take short cuts... Hearing the C63 AMG on the track at Hockenheim made me laugh up against the BMW M3 GT4- it was like a burp vs a pissed off hornet in a jar- I'll take the M powered hornet.