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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
In order for that to count in this argument Sport Auto would have to test the newer M3 ZCP to go up against the AMG's updated suspension and extra power/torque coming from the motor. Could the ZCP make up 4-seconds? Honestly, I think the E92 M3 originally tested wasn't really that slow (8:05). I think that it should have been more like 8:01-8:03. I've heard some people taking their stock M3s to the Nürburgring and achieving similar times in the low 8-minute range.
I completely agree. I would love to see Sport Auto do that test. I'm actually surprised that they have not. The 8:01 time for the C63 coupe was merely a point of interest and a demonstration of the car's significant improvement since the sedan version. AMG has made some serious inroads and I as a consumer enjoy the competition.