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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
9-tenths of a second is a hell of a lot of time!!! That's walking all over the AMG. In fact, not only is that walking all over it, that's finishing, jumping out of the car, shitting in your own hand and throwing it at the AMG as it drives by to finish its lap.

The C63 AMG they have tested on the Top Gear Test Track was the Black Series, which is a sort of specialized track car.

When Top Gear tested the RS4, M3 and C63 AMG together on the Ascari Circuit in Spain, the C63 AMG did a 2:45.5 lap, while the M3 did it in 2:38.9. Again, walking all over the AMG the M3 does...

Once again I've proved you WRONG. You are spreading false beliefs based on ZERO evidence.
If you re gonna ignore times where the c63 runs closer times then sure. Here TOP GEAR has the heavier E63 AMG walk all over the M3.
Not bad for another car designed for straight line performance.