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Why are you comparing apples and oranges?

A Lotus Elise, you really can not compare to an M3. or would you compare your a 7 Series with a Porsche 911?

As for the C63, so I drove him for four days recently to sample and I drove it well over 1,400 km.
My conclusion was clear! Great car goes forward and bitten by a tarantula and the sound is pure goose bumps!
But only briefly, because if you times 500 km highway is gone it, you have a headache and is nearly deaf.
The steering precision is reminiscent of the Titanic! If a curve is in sight, ever temporarily turn the wheel and hope you somehow come around ...
Of consumption we will not start at all! With delicate gait is always one at 20 liters, but we demand from the power it lies beyond the 40 liter fast! In contrast, the M3 is a true eco-car!

In addition, the prices are steep over! What in the C63 pure pack everything, since it is fast on the level of a comparable equipped M5!
In addition, the insurance company (in Germany) is not a gentle process with the contributions. I would have to pay is 4.2 times as much as for my M3.