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Originally Posted by CanAutM3 View Post
Again, we are saying the same thing. It is what I am implying all along: horsepower is what counts for performance.

Power on the input and output sides of a gearbox will remain the same (disregarding losses), however torque will not (unless it is a 1:1 ratio gearbox).

I do not need to read forums to get educated in my field of work. I am an aerospace engineer specialized in engines. I have worked a big chunk of my career in the test department around dynos doing power calculations all day long. I can assure you, power is a mathematical concept. You cannot measure power by itself (same as energy for instance). Power is the rate at which energy is used. You need to combine more than one measurable element to derive power. Force x distance / time, electrical tension x current, etc... There is no such device as a pure "powermeter" .

As a fellow engineer (electrical) I'd like to say thank you for providing a truncated but specific explanation on the issue of horsepower versus torque.

On an aside, I hated engineering dynamics but it was supposedly the easiest of the multidisciplinary electives. I never want to draw/see a "Free Body" or "Effect" Diagram in the future.
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