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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
Pumped they've brought back the inline 6 to maintain the balance & handling characteristics thats made the 3-series (especially the Ms) infamous.

Really hoping to see a 3.3/3.5 L, twin turbo'd bomb shoved under the hood, pushing out a healthy balanced 450 HP/TQ bomb of an engine. Be interesting to see if they...
  • Ditch the 7 speed DCT for something more "updated" (Upgraded 8-speed ZF?)
  • Offer the carbon ceramic breaks
  • Ditch electronic steering for something more direct

Bottom line: Ditch the whole 4-Series marketing ploy & keep the 3 series + M3 moniker. That car is BMWs bread & butter

Ditch the M-DCT? What are you on? The M-DCT can snap shifts in I think 50-100ms(Someone correct me).That means there's less power loss and more power to the ground. You want a clunky 8 speed that gets confused and hunts for gears and can't make up it's mind, go get a IS-F. Stop with the smart ideas, bub.