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I wonder if asking for a 3.3 or 3.5L I6 with 2 turbos is asking for too much now, our expectations are so low already.
If they came out with 3.0l I6 TT (basically a new N54) would we be shocked? The M5 is only 4.4l V8 TT that is shared (soon) with the 550i. If you buy a benz AMG you at least still get a 5.5l V8 TT which is different from the 4.7l in the 500/550 class models.
Given that the target hp is only 450hp, 3.0l is not unimaginable, especially given how cheap BMW has proven recently, why bother creating a 3.3 or 3.5l engine? Unless there could be a use for it down the line, which is not unimaginable given the large gap that exists between the 3.0l I6 T and the 4.4l V8 TT.
This could make the 4.4l V8 NA M3 GTS seem like such a gem in retrospect.