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Originally Posted by TheRox View Post
With the current 335 being so good, I wonder how many people will go for the m3. It can't possibly be the same difference as the last generation.

Then again, the e46 m3 was inline six and so was the 330 and 325. Meh, it is what it is.

Still think a Porsche is a good value drivers car and add a 5 series or 3 series for everyday use. More sporting intentions.
All this talk about how much torque the 335i has or how much you can add it to smoke a (current gen.) M3, yadda, yadda, yadda had me think that an M3 wasn't worth it for me, at least not as a daily. But then I drove one. And wow, all I can say is that it makes perfect sense for me why one is an M car.

So yeah, I can see the new M3 - regardless it if *only* has an inline 6 - as being much better than the regular 3 series!
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