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Very true; keep in mind that going FI is really not much of a choice, but a, what engines would car manufacturers really choose if they didn't have to meet super high emissions, fuel economy, and sound regulation hurdles over the next 10 yrs in the EU and US.

The prior generation M3s and M5s engine developments were driven far more by true performance enhancement/racing needs than by regulation, which was less of an issue in the 90s and the early part of 2000s vs today. As prior comments out of M have indicated, going FI is really driven by regulation and achieving common mandates for BMW as a whole, not by M-division (or most enthusiasts) choice. In the end, outside of weight, DCT advancements, electronic enhancements, the V-8s and V-10s were and always will be, impressive and fun-to-drive engines. If the DCT were in the E60M5, donít think the performance differential of new vs old would be as much as it currently seems.

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V8s are unrealistic w/ emissions and fuel economy laws going into effect. Forced induction is the future for all "normal cars" (this excludes cars like the Aventador & Ferrari F70/next gen-Enzo).