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Originally Posted by SD 335is

He also said, in response to a question about whether there will be an M4, his response was one word, something like "probably" or "likely", although I don't remember the exact word he used. He did say that there will also be an M3 and that "they will be two of a kind". Whatever his exact word answer was about the M4, it left no doubt in my mind that the sedan will be an M3 a and the coupe/convertible will be an M4.

When asked the direct question "Will the new M3 have three turbos?" he said emphatically "No.".

His answers were usually short and direct, sometimes just one word. It kind of reminded me of the old Magic 8 Ball. Shake it, turn it over, get a terse answer. For those too young to remember, there is an online version.
Lol I was the one who asked the question about the M4. What a great time I had there.