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Originally Posted by jaehshim View Post
i don't know why people are so obsessed with I6 vs V6...
And okay, I get it... Turbo to go faster and more efficiency, but would thosereally guarentee the true driving feel of a sports car?

Seriously...if it's going to be Turboed with being "faster" in mind, yet it will still be slower than the GTR, i might as well get the GTR which will have less problem + more reliable + more tuning capable + most importantly faster asa "TURBO CAR"

I'm just sayin...after seeing the already success of FR-S and BRZ, I kinda miss the powertrain and drive of older days of M3....what a true sports car used to be
The true driving feel of a sports car as you put it is not about turbo pace, otherwise we would not have a 1M, at least this good; and if you drive one you will appreciate that it really captures the spirit of those older sports cars, maybe even better than most modern NA cars. So it is possible despite! turbos, they just need to do it right. Right means turbo grunt and NA feel which 1M already is famous for without being perfect. For the M3 I am confident BMW will polish this feel and give us a product both very natural in feel but with turbo kick. I can't see anyone not falling in love with this combo. Basically they will bring together the best attributes of 1M and E9X M3 which is very very good in my book.

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