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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The Key thing to always remember and one thing I do get concerned about when I read these comments from "enthusiasts" is that these are people who know exactly what they are doing in terms of goals for the car.
It is surprising how little credit the people responsible actually get from some "enthusiasts".

Each car from BMW whether a series model or indeed an M. is a combination of team work that involves many departments from initial conception, design , engineering , marketing and assembly. And through this process ideas are evaluated, tested , approved and discarded until that right solution is evident. Even the assistants that pour the coffee and file the minutes are part of that process.
The passion the employees at M have is second to none- people sometimes forget that some of those that developed the E30 (for one reason or another people view that as the "best" M) are still at M and unlike some "enthusiasts" those employees embrace technology and the progress of automobiles.

The new M3 will be controversial of course to many but it will remain the best in its segment and be at the cutting edge of technology. Time passes, things change but beneath it all personality and mentality remain the same- M builds the best there is for the target market. Have faith in M , they have never given a reason that they will disappoint.

Originally Posted by Rated ///M
Originally Posted by benzy89
Pumped they've brought back the inline 6 to maintain the balance & handling characteristics thats made the 3-series (especially the Ms) infamous.

Really hoping to see a 3.3/3.5 L, twin turbo'd bomb shoved under the hood, pushing out a healthy balanced 450 HP/TQ bomb of an engine. Be interesting to see if they...
Ditch the 7 speed DCT for something more "updated" (Upgraded 8-speed ZF?)
Offer the carbon ceramic breaks
Ditch electronic steering for something more direct

Bottom line: Ditch the whole 4-Series marketing ploy & keep the 3 series + M3 moniker. That car is BMWs bread & butter

Ditch the M-DCT? What are you on? The M-DCT can snap shifts in I think 50-100ms(Someone correct me).That means there's less power loss and more power to the ground. You want a clunky 8 speed that gets confused and hunts for gears and can't make up it's mind, go get a IS-F. Stop with the smart ideas, bub.
Relax man. We have both double clutch and 8 speed cars. While double clutches great for a sports car it is cumbersome in town for normal driving and the first gear take up in manual mode is very jerky. I prefer zf 8 speed for a luxury car. For a sports car double clutch is a great setup ESP at higher speeds in excess of 40 kmph. Double clutch def shifts fast and the engine braking feels like A manual car.

The new DCT in the M5/M6 does not have the same low speed issues the original in the M3 did- it is light years better.