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While no one is questioning the abilities and passion of BMW employees or the M division, and the company has exhibited an unparalleled track record of over-achieving, corporations should nevertheless remember that "so called enthusiasts" are actually existing or potential customers. As any American automaker can attest to, the court of public opinion is one that should be respected. Ultimately, let the product speak for itself and the public will weigh the pros and cons, which will either validate the manufacturer's decisions or cause a re-evaluation. If the product is excellent (which is highly likely) and customers rave about it and want more, then BMW really has nothing to worry about.

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The passion the employees at M have is second to none- people sometimes forget that some of those that developed the E30 (for one reason or another people view that as the "best" M) are still at M and unlike some "enthusiasts" those employees embrace technology and the progress of automobiles.

The new M3 will be controversial of course to many but it will remain the best in its segment and be at the cutting edge of technology. Time passes, things change but beneath it all personality and mentality remain the same- M builds the best there is for the target market. Have faith in M , they have never given a reason that they will disappoint.

The new DCT in the M5/M6 does not have the same low speed issues the original in the M3 did- it is light years better.