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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The Key thing to always remember and one thing I do get concerned about when I read these comments from "enthusiasts" is that these are people who know exactly what they are doing in terms of goals for the car.
It is surprising how little credit the people responsible actually get from some "enthusiasts".

Each car from BMW whether a series model or indeed an M. is a combination of team work that involves many departments from initial conception, design , engineering , marketing and assembly. And through this process ideas are evaluated, tested , approved and discarded until that right solution is evident. Even the assistants that pour the coffee and file the minutes are part of that process.
I am a big fan of BMW M. Hey, i own an M3 and M5 now. That however, makes me even more concerned with the development of M products. BMW is making more and more $, which is a good thing, but let's not get too penny conscious and squeeze out the innovation that made M great. I will reserve final judgement until the details are official, but at the moment, i am apprehensive. Please impress us with an engine worthy of carrying the legendary M3 name! A tuned up N55 with twin scroll twin turbo ain't enough of an innovation in my book. If there is no fancy technology to eliminate lag, I would be sorely disappointed. In the mean time, i remain a fan of the next M3...
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