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Originally Posted by BAL278 View Post
Maybe it'll be a single turbo n54 a la vishnu or hpf LOL..

In all seriousness it will probably have 2 twin scroll turbos to keep lag down and up the high end power..

I just hope it revs higher than 6,800 rpm
I think this is a strong possibility. It could even operate off one of the small scrolls, then add the second small scroll, then bring in the remaining 2 scrolls either together or one at a time to optimize response. The BMW NA President said it would not have 3 turbos and this would meet the limit of 2 turbos. Also if you have ever carefully examined how complex the tri-turbo diesels are this is not a stretch.

This would be a hybrid of N54/N55 technology using the best of both. I also remember when Scott 26 was hinting about the 1M that they were working on a system where they were having trouble getting the Valvetronic right and could not include the new M3 engine in the 1M as they needed more time to resolve the issue. This from Scott 26 also supports something similar to this type of engine.

Also it is apparent that all of the recent M engines are M tuned versions of standard BMW motors. Another reason the new M3 engine may well be a Frankenstein N54/N55.

I did not believe M was going to modify a standard engine on the 1M but BMW seems to have adopted this strategy. I hope the M3/4 escapes this treatment. If they are saving money on the engines I just hope they put the unused money into lightening the car.