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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
It would be a huge achievement to deliver this weight. But power to weight would not be surprising at all.

I don't generally think Automobile Magazine is a good reference for solid rumors, perhaps others can clarify that claim.

Some discussion:


3. Power per liter. The current Porsche turbo has 500 hp from 3.8l. That is 132 hp/l. The GT-R has as 545 hp (stated, have not kept up as to how much if any the car is under rated. The initial GT-R was clearly under rated by about 50 hp) from the same 3.8l. That is 143 hp/l. 420 hp from 3.0l would be in between the two at 140 hp/l. Certainly not out of the realm of a production vehicle.
I agree with this. Also look at the power that the 3.0L N54 puts out with just software modification... close to 420 bhp.
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