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This sounds wildly speculative to me. The part about the power output being flexible until the competitors show their hands sounds particularly naive and romanticized.

They also completely gloss over the likely (though admittedly not confirmed) name change for the coupe/cab to M4, which would thereby leave the sedan the only M3 body style (unless they surprise with an F81).

And I would give almost no chance that peak power coming in at less than 450hp.

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+6hp and -220lbs, according to automobile mag blog

"The new M3 weighs under 3300 pounds (a 220-pound improvement), features a choices of six-speed manual or eight-speed dual-clutch, and comes with an active M differential as well as with optional carbon ceramic brakes. Although some sources keep predicting a triple-turbo V-6, we can confirm the 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six. The power output – currently slated at around 420 hp – will be fixed relatively late in the game when all the competitors have put their cards on the table. The MkV M3 will be available as coupe, convertible, and sedan, but not with xDrive all-wheel drive like the new M Performance cars."

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A gen-u-ine BMW eff-eight-zero with them tandem clutches in the transmission and that dad gum sun roof on the top-a da cawr.