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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
On the flip side there is so much design, testing and regulation work that depends on power level, its really one of the most fundamental specs of a car. These details lead me to side more with your speculation.
That is part of it. The bigger red flag in my mind is much more fundamental: there's a fixed release date for the car. So, while I am sure they set a performance target based on what they anticipate the competition will be doing at the time, there is absolutely nothing stopping the competition from simply waiting until the next day/week/month after the M3 specs are public and then releasing an even faster/better model. Therefore, the notion that the power will be set "when all the competitors have put their cards on the table" is nonsense. Competitors never put all their cars on the table. There's always something better coming, so as a business you don't wait around until the last minute waiting to release your product. You do your best to pick a target, and then market the pants off of it once it is ready.

The power to weight will almost for sure not exceed the F10 M5 (too much power and too little weight would do that)
What was the power/weight improvement for the E60 M5 to the F10 M5? I would expect the F80 M3 to see about the same percentage-wise vs the E90 M3.
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