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Originally Posted by kueks29 View Post
This is nonsense!
To elicit the N54 more than 360 hp stable, you have to do something more than just playing in the software.
Alpina itself is struggling with the 400 hp in the B3S! Since it is already very close to the limits of what can be done with the engine.

In addition, manufacturers have different ideas of what it means durable.
The engine must retrieve his power anytime, anywhere permanently. Whether it's at sea level at -60 C in Sweden, or at +60 C at 3,000 meters above the Death Valley.

And I can guarantee that a N54 creates even with modifications under these conditions, no 450 hp without going broke!
Not sure what you are talking about.

~400-420 BHP is what you get with a JB4 and no other mods.

ETA: and the only "durability" problems have been related to BMW design flaws, not increased power.
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