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Originally Posted by ///M 95 View Post
to achieve 400 bhp all you need to do is tune the car. If one adds bolt ons, the N54 can easily make 450bhp.
+1 Very true, plus the M3 will have all the bits that makes it an "M" a more free flowing head, less restriction of intake & exhaust (DPs included), a better cooling system, not to mention it most likely will have better turbos to give it that extra top end performance that the stock N54 turbos don't have.

So essentially a like-for-like comparison would be an N54+FBO+tune+ RB Turbos...= 450hp not even trying

Speaking of competitors, are any of them boosting?
RS4, i just read the new RS4 avant will have 450hp 4.2L V8
C63, I thought i read that they were not going to put in the 5.5LTT and they were sticking NA for the C63
ISF, still a 5.0 V8 as far as I can tell

F10 M5 with 7.66 lb/hp
F80 M3 3500lbs & 525hp (ecu tuned) = 6.66 lb/hp

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