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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I think it is impossible for $70k car built on the F30 chassis.
You are totally right ... it is impossible for an car build on the F30 chassis!

But none says that the next M3 would be build on the (steel) F30 chassis ... it would be build on the F80 chassis and its High-Strange-Steel + Carbon-Compount material matrix ... it has little to do with the AG F30 except the overall-look of the car and its dimensions!

And if you think about the carbonparts of the F80, you shouldn´t think at carbonroofs like the old M3 or the new M6 ... I guess little or nothing of this parts would be visible because they consist of parts such as shaft drive / transmission tunnel, lock-makers, engine and luggage compartment rear wall, crash boxes and wheel mounts and axle stools. All parts that must be structurally strong and solid and so are relatively heavy in steel.
If you now imagine that this parts are produced of very light and relatively favorable industry-carbon composite (two layers of carbon with a layer of cardboard / paper in between) , you can easily imagine the weight savings in these dimensions.
The produced in relatively small quantities F80M3/F82M4 will be the first application of this design before getting it in the next 7-way into the AG mass production.

So ~3.200lbs seems not impossible!

Greets Uli_HH

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