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Originally Posted by Bbenavitz View Post
The F30 328i is 88 lbs less than the previous generation and since BMW and all other mass auto producers rely upon economies of scale it would not make practical sense to make the F80's chassis components out of different materials. With this logic and the use of CF for the roof, hood, deck lid, drive shaft, and maybe doors along with more use of aluminum and magnesium components and carbon ceramic brake rotors (60 to 80 lbs savings alone) it would be reasonable to get the F80 to 250 lbs under the current M3. BMW could throw us a big curve ball and make the entire chassis out of aluminum which could result in the same overall weight reduction which as we all know many of mass producers are doing now (Audi and Jag). I'm betting on a new 3.5 Liter in line 6 all aluminum twin turbo with 450 HP and 450 ft lbs of torque.
I think an all aluminium chassis would be less profitable than a composite CF chassis, because in any case the chassis will have to be redesign, and right now BMW is skipping the aluminium construction and going over to CF with the i3, i8 and next 7 Series which is always the first car of the next BMW generation. Just now the 7 Series got facelift, so BMW is already working on the next one, the M3 F8X is the beginning of the tendency, so it can very well get a CF chassis components that would save quite alot. Of course we mustn't forget that CF is not everything, the MP4-12C with CF chassis is quite lighter than the 458 Italia, but the Aventador with CF chassis is not any lighter than the aluminium chassis of the F12 Berlinetta.