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Originally Posted by Bbenavitz View Post
The F30 328i is 88 lbs less than the previous generation
But what about the new 335i. It is a much better comparison. I've seen a lot of ambiguous figures on both even in the BMW press release that issue was noted and discussed here on the forum.

Originally Posted by Bbenavitz View Post
With this logic and the use of CF for the roof, hood, deck lid, drive shaft, and maybe doors along with more use of aluminum and magnesium components and carbon ceramic brake rotors (60 to 80 lbs savings alone) it would be reasonable to get the F80 to 250 lbs under the current M3.
Pretty much agree here both on method and results

Originally Posted by Bbenavitz View Post
BMW could throw us a big curve ball and make the entire chassis out of aluminum which could result in the same overall weight reduction which as we all know many of mass producers are doing now (Audi and Jag).
I'd pretty well guarantee that won't happen. The primary chassis of the base car is already set in stone. It is steel and thus the M3 will be the same using the same basic chassis.