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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I'd pretty well guarantee that won't happen. The primary chassis of the base car is already set in stone. It is steel and thus the M3 will be the same using the same basic chassis.
+1 ... an complete aluminum chassis won´t happen.

But why you are so sure that the primary chassis is already set in stone. I think the new F3x chassis was developed from the beginning to allow parts either to be made of steel or of carbon composite ... this is the real and only reason for the split into F3x and F8x.

Two reason for made me think so:
  • The M3/M4 is an relative limited production and high-priced car, and therefor the ideal testbed to introduce new revolutionary materials into mass production.
  • In nearly every interview BMW / M-GmbH officials stated that its no matter how much hp the new M3/M4 would be achieve ... the numbers goes from ~420 to ~ 450hp - no more or only a little bit more than the E9xM3, but also stated that it would outperform all earlier M3s in such an manner, that it would be an great surprice for the M community. To reach this target nearly only by weight reduction and without hp-increase there is the ultimate need for an greater weight loss than ~150lbs.

I also think that the ~3.200lbs could only be achieved if the car would be ordered with optional lightweight sport seats ala CRT.

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