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Originally Posted by keikdasneak View Post
With all these car company’s releasing cars pushing well over 480hp i believe if the M3/M4 comes with 450hp only it’s going to disappoint a lot of people, especially me.

Ford GT500 is already pushing 660hp
ZL1 580hp
C63 481hp

Unless they drop the weight of this car, i don't see how they are going to keep up with the competition
So short sighted!! if its 450 turbo stock that means ~550hp modified @ 3300lbs uh yea thats going to be FAST! and nice tq for shredding tires!
I can't stand waiting for this M3!

With the new M5 bloated and luxury, this M3 should be a nice middle ground more E39 like. Heard the back seat offers a little more rear leg room in the new 3's. All while dodging the gas guzzler tax, hopefully (like cls63)!
Win win here!
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