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I studied the F30 design extensively at the Detroit/North American International Auto Show in Jan of this year and again recently at my dealer in Mobile. I have not driven one. In my book, a car is 50% design lines and 50% performance. The F30 and the E90 are very similar in appearance from the A pillar aft. And it is safe to assume that the F32/F82 ///Ms will look similar to the E9X ///Ms from the A pillar aft. I am ok with that.

But I am no fan of the F30 front end and it is likely the F30 ///Ms will retain a similar look. Especially bothersome to me is the hood line that crosses directly above the roundel. It is, to use a scientific term, fugly. It mars the otherwise decent overall hood lines. And I don't care for the headlamp inlets to the hood either. Both of which - hood break and headlight inlets - will likely be on the new F3X Ms.

And I love all of the lines on my E92, well as the performance.

So design being 50% of the package for me, I am not won over. We will have to wait and see on the performance side.