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Originally Posted by SCOTT26
The M3/M4 follows all M products , It is not about appearances it is what lies underneath.

Each M model is deliberately designed to look understated, its form is purely for function and underneath there is that reassurance and confidence that an M car has been honed to perfection with its race proven technology , dynamics , handling and precision.
These are the purest expression of M product values , if its aggressive looks on the level of AMG (which look like really bad after market designs - SL63/65 , SLK55) you are after , then I am sorry these are not for you.
I personally don't think the E46 or E9x M3s could be considered that understated compared to their non M origins. Bonnet vents, power bulges, flared fenders....
I definitely agree Mercs are a bit OTT and Audi are the the masters of understatement for their halo products (S4, RS5) if I'm paying that much for a 400+ bhp car I want it to look the part (i.e. not ugly), I have to walk past the thing on the drive every morning.

Taste is subjective and ultimately this is all about our individual tastes.
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