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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Everyone who keeps commenting on the fact in the PAST M engines were re-worked non-M engines is missing one HUGE factor-those re-worked engines were done in a manner that they made WAY more power than their non-m counterpart and their power was impossible to match with the non-m counterpart.

Basically if you wanted the performance of an M-engine, you had to buy an M engine. Nothing you could do at the time it came out could make the M54 come anywhere near the S54. This was essentially as good as a purpose built M engine since it was not able to be duplicated.

Now to the present, an N54/55 can already be simply tuned to make 100's of horsepower more than we know the new m3 will make (450ish). You can easily buy a car that is 4 years old already (335 with n54) and spend 500 bucks and have more than 450 crank horsepower.

Not only can you match the horsepower but you also will have very similar delivery of power given the M engine will now be turbo which will eliminate the advantages of the current V8 which can also be "out-tuned" by a n54" but the S65 offers benefits that no tune in the world or mods of the n54 can offer.

So with all that said, when going FI, it is no longer good enough to "re-work" one of their turbo engines which already is capable of over 500 hp. Internals are plenty strong and you really give up nothing over an M engine except for a warranty.

Just like people same times are changing and FI is the future, I feel bwm also has to change and stop re-working the engines into M-engines. The only way they could continue to stand out would be to continue the trend of a new M3 engine. At the very least it needs to be larger displacement of 3.2-3.3 L which will give back its advantage over any 3.0 in terms of offering something that cannot be bought with a 500 dollar tune.

Pure power numbers will always be able to be bought with a few hundred bucks on these turbo engines so bmw needs to give the new m3 engine something that cannot be bought by every man and his dog with a n55 engine.

Look at the difference between BMW M rework and Mercedes AMG rework:

TT V8 90
Bore 89.0 mm x Stoke 88.3 mm
450 PS @ 5.500-6.000 rpm
650 Nm @ 2.000-4.500 rpm

TT V8 90
Bore 89.0 mm x Stoke 88.3 mm
560 PS @ 6.000-7.000 rpm
680 Nm @ 1.500-5.750 rpm

Mercedes M278
TT V8 90
4.663 cc
Bore 92.9 mm x Stroke 86.0 mm
435 PS @ 5.250 rpm
700 Nm @ 1.800-3.500 rpm

Mercedes M157
TT V8 90
5.461 cc
Bore 98.0 mm x Stroke 90.5 mm
571 PS @ 5.500 rpm
900 Nm @ 2.500-3.750 rpm

Mercedes M152
NA V8 90
5.461 cc
Bore 98.0 mm x Stroke 90.5 mm
421 PS @ 6.800 rpm
540 Nm @ 4.500 rpm