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Originally Posted by IamLegend View Post
This is beyond ridiculous. The entire BMW line will now consist of the N52 engine, the N55 (which is pretty much N54 from 6 years ago with a minor turbo modification), and the S63 engine, and that's it. All the 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 series will use a combination of these 3 engines. What happened to those days of actually DESIGNING special engines for the cars?
Off by quite a bit actually.

Here is the BMW engine lineup, circa late next year:



The N52 is out of the picture when the E82/E88 die. In addition to what I say above there is the three cylinder in the i8 which will spread to other BMW models (and probably replace the N13 in the process). There is obviously the electric and hybrid drive systems in the "i" models and ActiveHybrid series models. Not to mention all of the great diesels. And finally, expect another new M engine (rumored to be N20-based) for sub-3 RWD M vehicles such as an M2.

Lots going on here. Certainly no less than other recent times for BMW, and in fact with the "i" brand, much, much more.
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