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Originally Posted by Uli_HH View Post
Are you sure(?) ... according to my informations an N55 based solution would be an first off all cheap solution.
I am not sure of anything other than what is stated in the OP. However, common sense suggests that they are not just going to slap a chip tune on an N55 and call it an "S55".

But ... if based on the N55 ... that meens an heavily stroked engine ... couldnīt beleave if that works well on an high pressure and high reving turbo-engine.
I strongly doubt an increase from the N55 stroke of 89.6mm. There is still the possibility of a bore increase, though it may not be likely.

I canīt see any "innovative" induction system, that could reduce turbo lag and fits on an long I6 ... only the TriTurbo-System of the N57-S
I suspect the great minds working inside the walls of BMW AG have a number of innovative ideas that none of us would have any inkling of.

Isnīt that not the case with every I6 BiTurbo ... 3 cylinders fed 1 Turbo ?
But not with specific cylinders feeding individual scrolls. Think of an S63-style charged-pulse system adapted to an I6. It is but one possibility I threw out. You can bet BMW has plenty of others.
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