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Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
I am not sure of anything other than what is stated in the OP. However, common sense suggests that they are not just going to slap a chip tune on an N55 and call it an "S55".
None speaks about an chip tune ... but an re-inforced crank-shaft-house and an new (other) Turbosystem could easily be quoted by the BMW marketing as an heavily redesigned engine and an lightly modified valvetronic as an comlete new (heavily modified) cylinder head ... remember also the 1M engine was quoted as "modified" by BMW ... its only an matter of the point of view!

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
But not with specific cylinders feeding individual scrolls. Think of an S63-style charged-pulse system adapted to an I6. It is but one possibility I threw out. You can bet BMW has plenty of others.
This very innovative charged-pulse system of the S63Tü only works on V engines, because it needs the cylinder outlets to be close together, so that the way for the energetic exhaust gases are relativ short before the reached the turbo scroll ... totaly impossible in any way to be adopted to an I6, where the distance between the first and the last cylinder is very long !!!