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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
400hp out of 3.0? Why is that so hard to imagine? As everyone knows a 500 dollar tune can get that now and even bmw's own 1m is putting down 340 whp which is right about 400 crank hp. That engine is already easily tuned to 450 crank hp.

With new valvetronic technology, lighter parts and a bumped redline to 7200 with 2 resdesigned twin-scroll's instead 1 twin,450 is not only possible but quite easy. Especially with slightly higher capacity turbo's that can move the peak power up the band slightly comapred to where it is now to take advantage of the higher redline possible with lighter parts and new valvetronic tech
You can also make the argument that you can get about 1000 hp/liter from an engine. The difference is a race engine vs. one that should with immense reliability go for 250,000+ miles.

By the way the 1M is not 340 wheel hp but 335 crank hp.

The comparison to the Porsche Turbo with 500 hp from 3.8, despite the totally different engine configurations, is fair one. Porsche has been doing reliable high performance twin turbo 6 cylinder engines for a long time. I don't see the first M3 with FI to radically exceed its power per displacement. 450 hp from 3.0 liters would exceed the Porsche by nearly 15%.
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