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Originally Posted by mhabs View Post
Keep the Tarp on! feels like the more details about the new M3 come out, the more that reality seems a lot less enjoyable than the fantasy.
Sad, but true.

Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Actually look at all the dyno's out there. Atleast 4 or 5 independant's floating around and all are above 330 whp. Clearly underrated per usual for bmw's FI engines. So I that puts the 1M right at 390 crank hp consistently and I am sure bmw designed it to "last"
Is that stock??? Those are INSANE numbers. That's just under what E9x M3's dyno stock!!! It doesn't overheat at the track either, like the N54 does.

Originally Posted by bucket328 View Post
Im sorry but I do not agree with you one bit. You may, may be able to strip some of the engines right down to the core and find a minor trace of what once was a mainstream engine, but engines like the s54 and euro s50 b32 are not tweaked versions of regular bmw engines. Nowadays they are though.
Agreed. For all those saying all the //M engines are based on M/N engines, what was the S52 based on?

Let me get this straight... You are swapping out parts designed by some of the top engineers in the world because some guys sponsored by a company told you it's "better??" But when you ask the same guy about tracking, "oh no, I have a kid now" or "I just detailed my car." or "i just got new tires."