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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
Actually look at all the dyno's out there. Atleast 4 or 5 independant's floating around and all are above 330 whp. Clearly underrated per usual for bmw's FI engines. So I that puts the 1M right at 390 crank hp consistently and I am sure bmw designed it to "last"

I am not talking about a full on race engine but rather a lightly tuned engine which has been going on for 4 years now in the n54 community and engines with 150k miles are running strong. I am saying all they have to do is strengthen a few internals and EASILY could get 450 crank out of 3 litres and I mean easily. Then add new valvetronic with a higher redline and new turbo's and 3 litres is enough to easily push 500hp.

There is zero chance this engine will be bigger than 3.0l. Just not going to happen
Getting a bit OT but that's OK I guess...

The first 1M dyno I happened to pull open showed 331 hp (insideline). Either way I trust dyno's about as far as I can toss the crumpled up paper it is printed on. Loss is generally ARBITRARY in a dyno. The only dynos I really trust are from and they have not done the 1M. Anyway, performance numbers do indicate the 1M may be a bit under rated and I agree that this phenomena seems to exist across multiple FI BMW vehicles. The 335i is clearly underrated. However, the 1M just does not have 390 nor 400 crank hp. No way. 390 crank hp would give the car a superior power to weight ratio than the M3. Curiously enough it never outperforms it.

I doubt the internals of the 1M would need strengthened to reliably offer 450 or even 500 hp. It is all of the other stuff - oil cooling, air cooling, oil pump, water cooling/water pump, etc., etc. It almost certainly has a forged crank, rods and pistons already. There is so much more that goes into an OEMs plans around a vehicles power than most enthusiasts can even fathom.

I can see the argument that the displacement will be 3.0 liters. I'm by no means 100% sure it will be > 3.0. I just think it is most likely.

Also, I highly doubt we will see 500 hp from a 3.0l BMW M engine in any vehicle under development or even in the next after that. That would be a specific power greater than the McLaren MP4-12C. That is simply not realistic any time soon.

Again this has nothing to do with what is possible. It has to do with what is CHEAP and that is BMW's new middle name. Massive parts commonality to serve both the above average quick AWD family luxury grocery getter all the way to the "race bred" M cars. This is their road to CHEAP. Don't take my word for it - this has been presented in many a BMW investor presentation.
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