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Originally Posted by m3alabama View Post
There is zero chance its a csl. First, no way they have been putting any resources into the e9x platform over the past year as the work on the f80 is what is priority.

Second bmw would not undercut their GTS/CRT buyers and image by coming out with a CSL and smashing those two.

Not to mention the GtS is a CSL. It is way lighter and has a more powerful engine specific to the GTS/CSL. Nothing left to lighten in a CSL without doing extensive chassis lightning which obviously is not happening.

To go any lighter than a GTS you need to be starting with an all aluminium chassis if you want to maintain that size of car with that technology. With its steel frame you are limited by what weight you can reach.
+1. Also, Just because there is some writing on the side of the tarp doesn't mean that has anything to do with what is covered. If so i would think they would tape it up a little better. My bet is that its an F80 M3. And I don't see why its so unbelievable that they would be introducing it in a couple months. I could see the F80 coming out as a MY 2013.