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Even I do not know what it is. Because as I stated... BMW hold these clandestine gatherings all the time either for internal evaluation or external clinic trials , recently in the past week they have been showing the X4 along with the current X6 to show that bloodline and appeal the smaller X4 will have.

The BMW 4er Coupe is not released during the Olympics as will not , some Super sports car. As I continuously say it is not the time.

Appeal of super GT's is limited and the traditional largest markets for these cars (US and Europe) have not fully recovered from the economic crisis. These cars operate in a more exclusive niche market and do not make significant returns from initial investment (unless you are VAG and rebody an existing car).

Which is why many Sports car and supercar makers are diverting their attention to Super-SUV's. SUV's in general have proved far more resillient during the economic crisis with key markets such as China, Russia, Brazil and India generating huge demand for SUV's over supersports cars which is why many manufacturers are focusing on Super-Luxury SUV's because they generate huge profits. Super-Luxury SUV's are also entrenching on the premium luxury sedan market.
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